Cannabis Public Safety Alliance

We raise money to help educate local, municipal, state and federal governments and government officials on good practices for cannabis businesses, and for forward thinking rules and regulations to form a successful, thriving and safe cannabis industry.
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How it works

We Advocate

The Cannabis Public Safety Alliance advocates for responsible and fair cannabis laws and regulations that prioritize public health and safety.

We Educate

We provide resources, research, and expertise to local, state, and federal officials on the benefits and risks of cannabis use.

We Implement

The CPSA prioritizes the health and safety of the cannabis industry. We formed this PAC to educate the lawmakers on safe cannabis regulation.

Keeping the industry positive & sustainable.

As the legal cannabis industry continues to grow, it is vital that government officials and lawmakers are aware of the unique challenges and opportunities presented by this emerging market. The CPSA helps bridge the gap between cannabis businesses and government officials, promoting a collaborative approach to regulation that prioritizes public health and safety while encouraging economic growth. By raising funds, the CPSA can offer education and resources to government officials and advance the responsible development of the cannabis industry.